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140730 Twitter Update (Yonghwa)
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140730 Twitter Update (Yonghwa)
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[HD SCAN | ENG Trans] 
140726 CNBLUE B-PASS July/August Issue

Jungshin ‘Yonghwa hyung took us along to his home after CS in Busan. And we went to Haeundae to sight see’.

Q. When did you make the song ‘Go your way?’
Yonghwa: Before ‘Can’t Stop’ album release. I made ‘Control’ a year ago.
We planned to add the song ‘Control’ in CS album, but gave up to do it according to some reasons.

Q. You composed n wrote ‘Control’ by your own right?
Yonghwa: Yes. MH n JS joined to write the lyrics of it.
Minhyuk: I did it a little. Yonghwa hyung helped us, finally we completed it
Jungshin: It’s nice experience. I wanted to write a song when staying in the hotel during last Arena tour in jp, tried to do it with MH. Started to do it in Korean first. It’s hard to trans it in English. Finally YH checked n fixed it up and trans in Eng.
Jonghyun: Since i wanna make unique lyrics, i wrote ’Monster’ in Eng. I used the meanless sentence ’I’ll take you to the monster’ when making transient song. And then remembered Sting’s ”Englishman in NY”. I decided to use the word Monster when writing the lyrics. I sing non-reality things with this song. The point of this song is singing seriously such humorously lyrics.

Q. About the song ‘Control’
Minhyuk: Yonghwa hyung assigned us to write lyrics on the subject of our choice.
Jungshin: First time i listened the melody of it i only thought of Love song. But YH hyung didn’t accept it.
Minhyuk: Discussed with JS well, we decided the theme is “no one can control me”. 

About summer vacation
Jonghyun: I used to do diving off the shore. (in Busan)

Q. You played Judo when student era,right?
You did both athletic sports n marine one?
Jonghyun: Everyone can do those who live near by the sea. Hahaha 

About the song ‘Go your way’
Yonghwa: This song has an exhilarating feeling and it makes you feel fun whenever listen to it. I think this song will suit Summer fes so much.

Q. You’ve made some songs that described self inside dilemma like Robot, Don’t care, Wake up?
Yonghwa: Exactly. Actually i can’t write those lyrics without having such feelings.

Q. I think it needs courage to develop the lyrics that expressed dissatisfaction.
Yonghwa: To tell the truth i like such lyrics. I put my feelings in lyrics not to have dissatisfaction.

scan cr: kaka960960 | Eng Trans: toron

CNBLUE drummer’s dilemma with the gummy worm at Weekly Idol.

CNBLUE Jonghyun and the gummy worm challenge.

CNBLUE JongHyun and MinHyuk @ Weekly Idol…
While the FTISLAND boys groove, these two (who are honestly vocal about their disability in dancing) show their sweet moves.


(SCAP/credits to uploader)
FNC talents at Weekly Idol
Let’s start with Jonghyun’s brushed up hair… reminiscent of Keannu Reeves (who had a band too).

Our Jonghyun is bashful as usual… but not before he flashed his killer dimples.

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Jonghyun’s cute red carpet greeting

Buing buing!

Jonghyun’s cute red carpet greeting

Buing buing!

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John’s attempt to catch gummy worm.

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Dancing "FNC Style"

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I do declare, dear Yoochunnie, that smile of yours pack a wallop!

I do declare, dear Yoochunnie, that smile of yours pack a wallop!

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