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Excerpts from the Press Conference
Marco Polo Hotel 09.18.2014

Q: If you could perform on stage with your favorite musician, which musician would you choose and why?

YongHwa says he would like to perform with YDG (Yang Dong-Geun / 양동근), who is a south Korean hiphop artist.
[*side note: YDG also co-stars alongside YongHwa in TvN’s Three Musketeers]

JongHyun is interested in hiphop these days, last year he performed with Dok2 (pronounced as Doki / 도끼), and he would be an honor to perform with him again.

For MinHyuk, would like to perform with other KPop bands like NELL whose drummer he is friends with and they often talk to each other.

For JungShin, he would be honored to perform with Jon Bon Jovi.

(Photo credits: CTO)

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[SCANS] CNBLUE for CanCam Nov


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B1A4’s RoadTrip World Tour Concert - Manila Stop Over

B1A4 is a relatively new boy group debuting in 2011 under WM entertainment. Since I’m not a fan, I learned that their group name (just like all idol groups) stand for the 5 members’ blood types— 1 has the B type amd the other 4 have type A. I also learned that all are country Boys—- Jin-young (leader) and CNU are from Chungcheong Province; Sandeul from Busan; Baro and Gongchan are from from South Jeolla Province. Latest popular hits are Lonely & Solo Day which they performed at the Araneta Center for the BANAs (fans) as well as their other chart topper songs They’ve got nice vocals, promising dance moves and armed with self-composed songs to match the currently popular idol groups out there. They are a talented bunch but they have to keep honing those talents if they want an edge over their Kpop rivals. They still gotta widen their fan base in the Philippines to achieve a sold out concert.

Sharing Araneta Coliseum’s photos of CNBLUE during Can’t Stop in Manila

(C) Photos by: Bruce Cassanova
(C) Araneta Coliseum Facebook

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[Photos] 140918 Cant Stop Manila PC - Lee JongHyun

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Jung Yonghwa CNBLUE Can’t Stop Live in Manila, Philippines


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#CNBLUE JONGHYUN #CantStopinManila ! #CSPH

CR.© Bruce Cassanova/Araneta Coliseum FB

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